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2010 Cheese Competition

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Moshe Rosenberg 
Professor and Dairy Specialist, Department of Food Science & Technology, UC Davis
     D.Sc., Food Engineering & Biotechnology,Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa,

Since 1990, Dr. Rosenberg has been on the faculty at the Department of Food Science and Technology at UC Davis. Dr. Rosenberg's research is directed at developing basic understanding and applicable information about milk processing and cheese making and about the development of quality attributes in cheese. Dr. Rosenberg's research is also focused on investigating the physio-chemical and microencapsulating properties of biopolymers and on using this knowledge in developing novel approaches for safe and effective delivery of nutrients through microcapsules and non-spheres. Dr. Rosenberg teaches undergraduate and graduate courses about dairy chemistry and technology and about cheese chemistry, microbiology and technology. Dr. Rosenberg conducts and instructs cheese making and milk processing courses and training programs to the National and International dairy industries and serves as a judge in national and international cheese contests. Dr. Rosenburg has published more than 200 publications pertaining to his research and expertise.

Tami Parr

Author of Artisan Cheese of the Pacific Northwest; Creator/Author of
     and Former president of the Oregon Cheese Guild

Tami Parr is the author of Artisan Cheese of The Pacific Northwest (Countryman Press 2009). She is also the creator and author of the website Pacific Northwest Cheese Project, the online authority for news and information about cheese in the Pacific Northwest. Her articles have appeared in numerous publications including The Oregonian, Northwest Palate and Culture. She is the former President of the Oregon Cheese Guild.



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