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      2011 Body Care Products Competition

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Barb De Los Santos - Barb's Place

Barb De Los Santos is the owner of "Barb's Place" in Adrian, Michigan. She has been an HSMG member since 2006. She was on Conference Ground Crew in 2009, Soapers Showcase Coordinator for the 2010 Annual Conference. Barb was elected to the Board in 2010 to serve for 2 years, ending in June 2012.

Donna Pixton-Hacker - Chamomile Cottage Bath, Spa & Body Care

Donna Pixton-Hacker is the owner of Chamomile Cottage Bath, Spa, & Body Care featuring Aromatherapy and Vegan handmade body care products. She has been a member of the Handcrafted Soap Makers Guild since January, 2008. She served on the Programs and Services Committee for several years and was Ground Crew for the 2009 Conference. Donna was elected to the Board in 2010, to serve a two-year term ending June 2012. Contact:

2011 Bath Products Photo Gallery


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Some of the entrants in the Bath Products competition


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