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      2012 Body Care Products Competition

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Kathryn Hackney - Otion



Kathryn Hackney is lead instructor and assistant manager at Otion. She loves building confidence in beginners when working with sodium hydroxide for the first time so that making soap is stress-free, fun and very rewarding! Kat teaches toiletries, bath fizzies lip balm, lotion, cold process beginning and advanced, melt-and-pour beginning and advanced, hot process and rebatching. She specializes in advanced swirling techniquest in cold process and has taught at the Handcrafted Soapmaker's Guild Conference in Miami, at the Mother Earth News Fair in Puyallup, and at our very own Soap Weekend Intensive events. She has a degree in fine art and has oil paintings and murals nationwide. Her favorite scent is tomato leaf and she enjoys hiking and paragliding in her spare time.

Silvia Victory - SV Soaps

I have been a soap maker for 15 years. Soap making is my obsession and my passion. I love to put a lot of creativity into each batch I make. I am always striving to learn new techniques to take my products to the next level.

Many people ask me what inspires me in my soap designs. I am inspired by so many things. I love to bake and I get so many great ideas for my soaps from deserts. I love making my soaps look good enough to eat but still leave your skin soft and feeling wonderful. I believe soap can be great for your skin as well as beautiful to look at.

All of my soaps are made by cold process. They are made from scratch start to finish. I make my soaps with the finest sustainable vegetable oils, fair trade butters, fragrances and essential oils. All of my products are Vegan. They have a wonderful luscious bubbly lather and they leave your skin soft and refreshed.



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