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2012 Cheese Competition

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Cheese Competition
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Lisbeth Goddick - Technical Judge 
Lisbeth Goddik, Ph.D., grew up on a farm in Denmark but immigrated to the US when her parents bought a farm in Oregon. Professional work experience includes production work at 3 different Danish dairy plants and 3 years at Yoplait's International Research Center in Paris, France.

In addition she has worked in New Zealand, Canada, and Norway. She received her graduate degree in food science from Cornell University and Oregon State University. She has worked at OSU since 1999 as OSU's dairy processing extension specialist and associate professor in food science. Her job responsibilities include teaching, research and outreach in the field of dairy processing.

She is the current holder of the ODI-Bodyfelt Professorship in dairy science and directs the Arbuthnot Dairy Center. she and her family recently returned from a 1 year sabbatical in France where she studied artisan production of raw milk cheeses.

Lisbeth will do a presentation the day following the cheese competition, Thursday, October 18, 8 am to 10 am. Please see Convention Schedule for more details.

Her program will be "Minimizing Risks in Artisan Cheese Making"  This class covers basic safety parameters important in the production of specialty cheeses. The class starts with a brief overview of potential microbial pathogens. We'll then discuss how to control microbial and other risks based on plant construction, equipment, milk quality, product flow and production methods and controls.


Steve Jones - Aesthetic Judge
     Steve Jones is owner of Cheese Bar, an artisan cheese shop (with beer, wine and a curated, cheese-focused sit-down menu) in Portland, Oregon. Born in Iowa, son of a herdsman for Maytag Dairy, Steve has had experience in every aspect of cheese distribution, purchasing and sales. In 2011, Steve Jones won first place in the Cheesemonger Invitational in Long Island City, New York, besting 40 competitors from around the world.

     Steve directed the cheese department for Provvista Specialty Foods Inc., one of the nation's most admired wholesale purveyors of fine cheeses. He then spent more than two years as head cheesemonger at one location of New Seasons, the groundbreaking boutique supermarket chain. His next venture was acting as a broker for a group of Oregon artisan cheesemakers. Jones also interned at London's revered cheese merchant, Neal's Yard.

     Steve's previous business, opened in November 2005, was Steve's Cheese, a compact wonderland of fine cheeses, cured meats and related hand-made food products. He developed a following so passionate there that 100 people would show up when he broke up a wheel of Parmigiano-Reggiano. Those custoemrs have followed him across town to Cheese Bar.

     Steve will be doing a presentation the day following the cheese competiton. Please see ADGA Convention Schedule for more details.

     Steve's program will be "Goat Cheese and Beer Pairing" - Almost every cheese can be paired with beer, and goat cheese is an especially exciting match. Join beer and cheese pairing expert Steve Jones on a tasty journey as he pairs several styles of goat cheese with craft beers.





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