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      2014 Body Care Products Competition

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Lorna Henley, Medicine Wheels Herbals

Back in the 80ís with 4 children and up to seven foster children at any given time, I wanted to be self-sufficient.  I raised our meat, grew vegetables, canned, fermented, and brewed. I started making cold process soap during that time, making the yearís soap supply on a summer day.

When my children had all grown and left home I studied herbalism and did my first herbal apprenticeship. As part of the graduation requirements I presented an herbal project showcasing what I had learned. I chose to make a variety of herbal infused soaps for different skin conditions. After my presentation, people wanted to know my prices to buy the soaps, and the idea for making soap to sell-was born.

I started my chemical free company, Medicine Wheel Herbals, LLC  on January 1, 2011. My product line consisted of herbal infused, cold process soaps made in 5 pound molds.  The  product line has continued to grow,  and we now  offer liquid soap, shampoo, aluminum free deodorant, herbal ointment, tinctures and lotion bars.  My herbal, cold process soaps continue to be the backbone of the company and are now made in 25 pound batches.

I continue to  live on a lake in the woods, with Daniel:  lobsterman,  herbalist, and jack of all trades,  2 mastiffs,  and a cat.  I teach elementary school and herbal classes for adult ed.



Katherine Chiu

Katherine Chiu, is a Maine native who lives and works in the mid-coast area.  Educated in science and art, I landed a career in banking and computers, which has consumed my time for almost three decades. I have pursued my interests in soap and lotion-making partly out of a desire to fight the harsh effects of the drying Maine winters, and partly out of a love of science.
Making my own soaps and lotions enables me to control exactly what goes into them, and ensure the purity and naturalness of the ingredients.  No two people face the same cosmetic challenges, and it has been thrilling to develop soaps and lotions tailor-made for my family and friends, no matter what their individual skin conditions needed.

Using hand-made soaps and lotions lets us control exactly what we put on our skin, without harsh, unnatural chemicals and their unwanted side effects.  I formulate and manufacture soap, lotions, scrubs, bath bombs and other personal care products entirely from scratch, enjoying every step of the proc



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