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     American Dairy Goat Products Activities

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Cheese Competition
Bath Products Competition
Industry Information

The American Dairy Goat Products committee, while supporting the Cheese competition and Bath and Body Care Products competition at the ADGA convention, also tries to support other activities which highlight and promote the use of Dairy Goat products to the public.

Two events that the committee members utilize to promote dairy goat products and their uses are World Dairy Expo held in Madison, WI each October and World Ag Expo held in Tulare, CA each February. Both events draw large crowds from throughout the US and beyond making them excellent locations to showcase Dairy Goats and their products to the viewing public. Members volunteer at the ADGA booth passing out information, providing samples and answering questions from the visiting public.


Please view past photos and overviews of both events by clicking on the links to the right.




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World Dairy Expo
World Ag Expo


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