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Cheese Competition
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The American Dairy Goat Association welcomes your participation in the 2016 Goat Milk Products Competition. The competition will be held at the ADGA Annual Convention in Austin, Texas on Tuesday, October 25th and Wednesday, October 26th, 2016. This competition will be open to all cheese makers, commercial and amateur.

Cheeses will be judged by Steve Zeng, Langston, OK and Rich Rogers, Dallas, TX. Awards: ADGA will award rosettes and Hoegger's Farm Supply will award $200 & $200 gift certificates to the Best in Show and Reserve Best in Show in both the Commercial and Amateur Divisions. Ribbons will be awarded to 1st - 3rd place winners in each division. Commercial cheeses will be showcased at the Goat Products Reception to be held at 7 p.m. Thursday, October 27, 2016. Both Convention attendees and the area Austin public will attend this event.

Since this event is intended as a promotion for goat's milk and specialty cheeses, we encourage commercial producers to include promotional materials and distributor information along with entries. These promotional materials will be withheld during judging and placed with cheeses at the Products Reception.

Best in Show and Reserve Best in Show cheeses/products will be auctioned during the reception.







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